Towards Robust Grasping and Manipulation Skills for Humanoids

In this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers and experts in key areas for grasping and manipulation such as perception, control, learning, design of hands and grippers, and studies analysing human manipulation skills. We aspire to identify recent developments in these research areas, both in theory and applications, discussing recent achievements, debating underlying assumptions, and challenges for future progress.

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Brave new ideas for motion representations in videos II, CVPR 2017

In the late years Deep Learning has been a great force of change on most computer vision tasks. In video analysis problems, however, such as action recognition and detection, motion analysis and tracking, shallow architectures remain surprisingly competitive. What is the reason for this conundrum? Larger datasets are part of the solution.

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Workshop on Deep Learning for Robotic Vision, CVPR 2017

Recent advances in deep learning techniques have made impressive progress in many areas of computer vision, including classification, detection, and segmentation. While all of these areas are relevant to robotics applications, robotics also presents many unique challenges which require new approaches.

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ICRA 2018 in Brisbane

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2018 will be held for the first time in Australia in Brisbane from the 21st to 25th May.

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Workshop on New Frontiers for Deep Learning in Robotics, RSS 2017

In this workshop a wide range of renowned experts will discuss deep learning techniques at the frontier of research that are not yet widely adopted, discussed, or well-known in the robotics community. The workshop is organised in conjunction with the Robotics: Science and Systems conference (RSS) at MIT, Boston, USA and takes place on July 15, 2017.

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